Matilda the Musical!!!

With Matilda opening less than ONE WEEK (Thursday, November 4), we want to spend the next few days introducing you to some of our stars and also sharing their thoughts on what makes theater so special, their dream shows and favorite memories,  and also what skills they have gained from participating in theater and performance.   Don't forget- tickets are ON SALE NOW!!  Go to and get yours today!!!!

Angelia LaBrecque:  (Mrs. Phelps):  Angelia is a junior this year at FHS who says that theater has given her many skills including her makeup skills. She has not only been only acting on stage, but also working as the makeup artist. She has found a lot of inspiration from costuming as well and got into sewing.  Angelia loves everything about theater.  She says it is fun and you make a family out of the people involved.  Her favorite show thus far is Newsies, but she would love to perform in Little Shop of Horrors and would gladly do Sweeney Todd again. Angelia also loves doing tarot reading and giving tarot readings to people who may need some advice. “A thank you to Mrs. Finley for everything she does for us”.

Ellie Zink:  (Lavender):  Ellie is in 7th grade and  has been performing for a few years.  Her favorite shows include The Wizard of Oz and Moana Jr.  Ellie says theater is awesome!  It boosts your confidence and the community is amazing.  It’s just an awesome experience.  Ellie also feels theater helps strengthen your public speaking skills as well as your singing.  Ellie’s dream shows include A Wrinkle in Time and Beauty and the Beast.  Ellie loves Field hockey, softball, basketball, tennis and songwriting.  She hopes to someday act professionally on Broadway or be a doctor.  “I would like to thank my family for always supporting me and driving me to all my rehearsals. I would also like to thank all the people and teachers who have helped me along the way. And lastly I want to thank the cast and crew for making the shows possible”.

Jessy Wood:  (Little Kid)  Jessy is a sophomore this year who loves to read, make paracord bracelets, walk her dog and pet her bunny!  Jessy has found that theater has strengthened her teamwork, commitment, collaboration and more.  She loves the joking around that happens during a show.  She says that the feeling of accomplishing something with her friends makes her happy.  Theater is so much fun and an interesting thing to do.  Jessy’s dream shows would be Beauty and the Beast or Robin Hood.  After high school, Jessy is considering culinary arts or working with horses.