Our Mission: The Franklin Public Schools align and maximize resources as a foundation to provide a high quality, personalized education where students are encouraged to set goals and persevere in preparation for success in a diverse society.

For the past five years, Franklin School District has improved through the use of a strategic planning process. Now that our initial plan has sunset, we've recommitted to our values and mission and developed new goals and action steps that will serve as a guide for the next three years.

We believe strategic planning is a dynamic and fluid process where strategies and action steps are added, amended or even abandoned if they are not helping us meet our goals.

We hope you will follow along on our Live Updates Tracker that will be updated every three months at the district's Innovation and Improvement (I2) committee meetings. Feedback and input is always welcome as we work collaboratively to Move Franklin Forward!

View Franklin's previous plan.



School Board

Maureen Aube

Deb Brown

Delaney Carrier*

Laurie Cass*

Liz Cote*

Tim Dow*

Jack Finley

Christie Martin

Desiree McLaughlin

Community Members

Vince Ribas

Dawn Watts

Al Warner

Karen Darling

Marie Danforth


Leslie McBey

Kristi Trudel

Justine Hoppe

Christina Stockbridge

Kayla Greenrod

Kayla Morse

Eustacia Chaisson

Cindy Dover


Lyn Healy

Carisa Corrow

District and School Administrators

Dan LeGallo, Superintendent*

Jule Finley, Curriculum Coordinator*

Jefferson Braman, Business Administrator

Barbara Slayton, Office of School Wellness

Dan Clark, Facilities Director,

Robyn Dunlap, IT Director

Dave Cole, Digital Learning Specialist

Rebecca Butt, Special Education Director

David Levesque, FHS Principal*

Virginia Everett, FMS Principal*

Jay Lewis, PSS Principal*

Shawn Quinn, FHS Assistant Principal

Vicki Schinaman, FMS Assistant Principal

* Member of the Innovation and Improvement Committee charged with developing the Strategic Plan.


Brooke Alvarez, Grade 9

Tyler Bennett, Grade 10

Hayden Boullie, Grade 9

Heidi Cayton, Grade 9

Dustin Chamberlain, Grade 10

Alexis Danforth, Grade 9

Alissa Doherty, Grade 9

Arden Greenrod, Grade 9

Violet Hudson, Grade 9

Kian Lemon, Grade 9

Alyson McPhail, Grade 9

Thomas Nason, Grade 9

Jelina Potter, Grade 9

Vincent Tilton, Grade 9

Jacoby Trumble, Grade 9

Patrick McBey, Grade 11


Jen Weaver

Wendy Beaudet

Kate Rose

Bonnie Gilbert

Caitlyn Green

Bri Vandell

Michelle Davis

Trisha Kent

Abigail Yelle

Jen Schongalla

Kevin DeLange

David Bedard