Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

for Behavior

Franklin School District uses an MTSS-B model to support students' social and emotional learning and encourage positive behaviors.

Part of the larger children’s system of care in NH, MTSS-B is a comprehensive system of social, emotional, and behavioral supports to promote student wellness and improve engagement in learning. MTSS-B’s integrated delivery system depends on intentional collaboration between school districts and their community mental health and youth/family-serving partners. Based on the Interconnected Systems Framework, MTSS-B blends research-based school mental health practices and social-emotional learning with a tiered prevention framework that offers schoolwide social-emotional and behavioral programs at the universal level (Tier 1), targeted supports for at-risk students (Tier 2), and intensive, individualized services for the highest-need students (Tier 3).

You can learn more about this approach and how it is being implemented across New Hampshire here.

Tier 3 examples:  facilitated referrals to RIverbend, Health First, Merrimack County Diversion

Tier 2 examples:  social skills groups, Coping Cat (group to help children manage symptoms of anxiety)

Tier 1 examples:  Youth Mental Health FIrst Aid for all staff,  peer-to-peer substance use prevention efforts, Fly Five

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