HiSET Testing Center

HiSET (Simple High School Equivalency) testing is held at the Franklin High School Test Center on a regular basis. Pre-registration is required for all HiSET testing.


  • Receive a High School Equivalency Certificate upon passing the exam

  • Must have taken and passed official HiSET Pretests at an official HiSET Test Center prior to registering for the HiSET Test

  • Must earn a minimum score of 410 on each of the five tests and a total of 2250 for the full battery

  • May not take any individual HiSET sub-test more than 3 times in any calendar year

  • Must physically reside in/have legal residence in New Hampshire at the time of the testing

  • Must pre-register with the Chief Examiner

  • Must have a government-issued photo ID to register and test

  • Must pay $65.00 for the HiSET Test Battery

  • Pay an additional charge of $15.00 per sub-test for any HiSET re-tests

  • Are allotted a total test time of 7 hours 20 minutes to complete the entire test battery

  • Can request testing accommodations which are available for documented disabilities in four categories:

  • Learning and other Cognitive Disabilities,

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,

  • Emotional/Mental Health Disability,

  • Physical/Chronic Health Disability

  • Must be 16 years of age or older

  • Must complete the appropriate Referral Form if they are under 18 years of age

For more information, please contact Franklin Adult Education Services at (603) 934-3108, x3451.