Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The YOUTH RISK BEHAVIOR SURVEY (YRBS) report presents data which demonstrate the association between health-risk behaviors by sex and by grade.  The survey is given to students grades 9-12 (Franklin High School) and grades 7-8 (At Franklin Middle School).  This same survey is given to youth across New Hampshire, and across the United States.  You can find the national data HERE.

These linked reports show the 2019 data for Franklin, for the region, and for the State of NH and include comparisons to past years.

2019 YRBS Franklin High School report

The 2017 and 2019 versions of the Middle School Survey are also attached, as there is not historical comparison included.

2019 YRBS Franklin Middle School report

2017 YRBS Franklin MIddle School report

Please reach out to Barbara Slayton at or 934-3108 with any questions about the survey.