*If your child has previously attended Franklin Schools, and is now returning, (even if they are now in a different school, than they were previously -FMS and now FHS for example), please reach out to our office so that we can reactivate your parents accounts. Or type in these links: fhs.getalma.com or fms.getalma.com or pss.getalma.com if you know your username and pw, and let the office know of any updates to your student's information. They will advise you of any forms that will need to be completed.

NEW STUDENTS ONLY - Online 2022-2023 Registration is now closed, please contact your school office for paper forms. 2023-2024 registration is open for Kindergarten only at this time. Registration for all other grades (new students) will be open in July. (Kindergarten Students must turn 5 by 9/30/2018 to register)

Only for students new to the district. Parents/Guardians please use this *link (fsd.almastart.com) and create an account and enroll your student at the appropriate school. You will need to complete all required forms. It is a step by step process and the website will walk you through each step. This process does not work well on a phone. If you are having issues and need assistance please contact the school directly.

FOR 2023-2024 RETURNING STUDENTS - You will be receiving a letter over the summer to update your student's current information and complete any other forms necessary. You are not required to do a full online registration annually.

DO NOT USE THE * LINK TO REGISTER A RETURNING STUDENT. If you have a student that is new to the district (for example a Kindergarten Student), you must use your existing ALMA account (Type in the appropriate link to access your account and add a new student, not previously enrolled: fhs.getalma.com, fms.getalma.com or pss.getalma.com) and add the student through there. Thank you!

For additional help you can access this video: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7644983

  • Password: Sparkpotential2020

  • Click on the ALMA start for New Families Video

You can also contact your school secretary or email support@getalma.com

FHS – Cathy Viau 934-5441 cviau@gm.sau18.org

FMS – Joyce Baca 934-5828 jbaca@gm.sau18.org

PSS – Nicole Fournier 934-4144 nfournier@gm.sau18.org