Tutor.Com to Support Academic Growth & Achievement

SAU 18 has partnered with Tutor.com, a tutoring service offered by the Princeton Review. All Franklin High School students have access to Tutor.com providing personalized, one-to-one, online tutoring support individualized to meet each student's needs.

The District encourages all high school students to take advantage of this powerful 24/7 academic support option.

  • Students can share files with their tutor and choose to interact with their tutor using voice or text/chat features.

  • Additionally, students can interact with a whiteboard, text and coding screens, and/or a graphing calculator.

  • Students may also access Test Prep (SAT/ACT/AP) resources from the Princeton Review (practice quizzes, video lessons, and tutoring support). 

How to Access Tutor.com

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Tutor.com from Clever

Tutor.com landing page