Matilda the Musical!!!

With Matilda opening less than ONE WEEK (Thursday, November 4), we want to spend the next few days introducing you to some of our stars and also sharing their thoughts on what makes theater so special, their dream shows and favorite memories,  and also what skills they have gained from participating in theater and performance.   Don't forget- tickets are ON SALE NOW!!  Go to and get yours today!!!!

Noah Roper: (Bruce)  Noah is a seventh grader who encourages people to do theater because he feels they would have a lot of fun doing it!  Noah says that theater has strengthened his communication and collaboration skills and helped him be comfortable in front of a large crowd.  Noah says that covid has been tough, but that they’ve kept masks on and kept everyone safe!  Noah’s favorite theatrical memory so far was the one act Anesthesia.  His brother Riley wrote and directed it and he helped Noah with theater a lot.  Noah’s dream show is Newsies.  Noah loves playing baseball and video games.  “To my brother Riley Roper, my mother and my grandmother!”

Mackenna R. Trudel:  (Little Kid):  Mackenna is a 6th grader who says theater is fun and a great way to meet new people.  Her favorite show so far is “A Gift to Remember” with Footlight because it was her biggest role yet and she got to know a lot of people.  Mackenna says theater has made her more confident and strengthened her creativity and self-direction.  She finds it can be an escape from everyday life.  Mackenna would love to perform in “The Smurfs” live!  Mackenna’s future goals include eliminating bullying from school.  “Thank you to my mom because she lets me do acting, and she encourages me”.