Matilda the Musical!!!

With Matilda opening in just ONE WEEK!  We want to spend the next few days introducing you to some of our stars and also sharing their thoughts on what makes theater so special, their dream shows and favorite memories,  and also what skills they have gained from participating in theater and performance.   Don't forget- tickets are ON SALE NOW!!  Go to and get yours today!!!!

Today we are meeting two of our high school performers!!  Angel and Libby have been performing for a few years now and bring their experience and talents to the stage!!

Angel Evans: (Big Kid) Angel is currently a senior who believes that communication is one of the greatest skills she has taken away from theater, as well as the ability to speak publicly.  Angel says the people are the greatest part about doing theater and that it is just a wonderful experience.  One of Angel’s favorite memories is slinkys down the stairs!  Angel loves cooking and plans to attend college after graduation, but would like to do so in another country.  “To my family!”

Libby Femenella: (Alice)  Libby is a sophomore this year who plans to study law in the future, or possibly become a writer.  She has a few books already in progress.  Libby states that theater has definitely helped her public speaking skills- her projection and diction.  She also loves being with her friends and seeing a show actually come together, especially the music aspects.  Theater is a great community.  Libby’s absolute dream role would be as Regina in Mean Girls! “Shout out to my girlfriend, Aribella. My mental health wouldn’t be the same without you.”