Matilda the Musical!!

With Matilda opening in just ONE WEEK!  We want to spend the next few days introducing you to some of our stars and also sharing their thoughts on what makes theater so special, their dream shows and favorite memories,  and also what skills they have gained from participating in theater and performance.   Don't forget- tickets are ON SALE NOW!!  Go to and get yours today!!!!

Today, we are introducing you to our three other FHS Players Officers and performers!!!  Meet Zoe Nagle (our Historian), Olivia Sylvester (our Footlight Rep) and Nick Gammel (our VP)!!

Zoe Nagle: (Matilda):  Zoe is a freshman this year at FHS and the club Historian.  Zoe says that theater has helped to give her a sharper memory which helps her memorize her lines, songs, blocking and choreography and helps her do well in school.  Zoe loves doing theater because she learns something new with every rehearsal alongside great people. The theater is a place where you can learn different things and make great connections.  Her favorite performance thus far was Newsies. Between the music and comedic lines, it is a show she will never forget.  Some of Zoe’s dream shows include Wicked, Les Misérables, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls and Little Women.  Zoe’s hobbies include singing, reading and excelling in school. Every year she participates in the National History Day competition.  She hopes to pursue a career as a lawyer, politician or actress on Broadway after she graduates college. “I dedicate this performance to Mrs. Finely and Mr. Reid for being a part of my academic success.”

Olivia Sylvester: (Hortensia)  Olivia is a sophomore at FHS whose favorite show thus far is Annie Jr. when she played Annie.  Olivia says her favorite part about theater is making memories with your cast.  She says that you learn so much from theater, including communication skills and quick thinking, and it provides a great experience.  Creativity is also developed through theater.  Olivia loves volleyball, softball and painting when she’s not on stage.  Her dream shows include Mean Girls and Hairspray.  Olivia plans to attend college after graduation to study and become a pediatrician.  “Big thank you to my mom.  She always helps me study my lines even if we’ve gone over them 100 times before!  She always comes to my shows to support me and is very proud of me”!

Nick Gammel (Big Kid, Sergei):  Nick is a junior at FHS and an Officer of the Drama program.  Nick says that theater has given him the ability to communicate and strengthened his memory.  Nick says that prior to theater, he wasn’t the kind of person who talked a lot.  Doing theater makes him happy because it is his safe space and a place to get away from the crazy world.  Nick’s dream shows include Mean Girls, BeetleJuice, Heathers, Hamilton, Be More Chill, and Wicked.  Nick’s future plans are to make it into his dream college and hopefully become either a music teacher or a drama teacher.  If that doesn't work out then he will go to beauty school and become a hair stylist and a makeup artist.