Matilda Opening Soon!

In less than two weeks, the cast and crew of Matilda the Musical will be presenting their long anticipated work to the public in four performances at the Franklin Opera House!  Stating "long anticipated" is not an understatement since this particular show was cast and rehearsed to be presented in May of 2020.  However, Covid and the pandemic put a stop to it and many members of this show have been waiting almost two years to present their work.  Unfortunately, the two year hiatus has created some added issues.  Students who were cast in roles two years ago have grown, so costuming had to be redone and replanned.  Some of our cast members graduated, and although a couple are close enough to see out what they started, many left to further distances and are not able to fulfill their roles, so casting had to change and things had to be completely retaught to a new group of students.  However, despite the odds, this cast and crew with some members holding on for two whole years along with new editions, are ready to entertain!!  Get your tickets online now at  Covid seating is still applicable, so make sure you purchase your entire group's tickets at one time.