Creative Poetry Writing

On wacky Wednesday, FHS Poetry students had an unusual poet visit the classroom. K-9 Officer Miller gave a tail-wagging poetry performance! Miller and Officer Tracy helped Mrs. Chou teach a figurative language lesson related to Miller’s sensory development. Enjoy the photos and the developing student poems from his pawfect poetry reading! 

“The Comfort Dog”

By Hailey Collins

As Miller greets me in the hallway,

Wagging his tail as he walks,

His hips doing some sort of sway,

Walking freely as everyone talks,

His fur is soft and smooth,

Golden like the sun,

His big, brown, chocolate eyes 

Watching as he moves from place to place, 

In reality he’s under disguise,

Escaping from his collar,

Knows too many human tricks,

What dog knows how to fist bump?

Next thing you know, he’ll know how to kick!

Miller is a little too advanced,

His collar is feeding him advice, 

He's too good at acting like a dog,

He seems so calm and nice.

Don’t let his cuteness fool you,

His handsome face,

I know what’s underneath what we see,

We have to catch him before he decides to flee! 


By Angelina Parmelee

            Golden lashes framing mahogany eyes 

    eyes that are almost human like. 

  A complex coat both coarse and silk. Breaths

            soft and subtle pleasing to the ears from a nose pink as blush. 

            A bark as mellow as a warm summer’s morning 

           Hurry now he is in a rush so give a final hug to sweet 

           sweet Miller the fluffy love bug. 


By Leah Cote

Making Miller, the dog happy, 

may be the simplest task known to humankind. 

Give him one head scratch or tasty treat

and he’ll be your best friend for life, 

Learning words and shaking hands, 

There to bring comfort to anyone who may need a lift. 

His golden fur is bright like sunlight; 

But his smile is even more so

Soft calloused paw pads carry

 him wherever he wants to go; 

Over rough tar, 

Soft grass, 

Hard rocks, 

Smooth linoleum or anything else. 

Introduce yourself to him with 

an outstretched hand and

you’ll be met with a wet nose 

And a paw, then soon enough 

your pants will be covered in yellow fur. 

Be warned, though; one belly rub

and he won’t leave you alone. 

Although, would anyone want 

to be alone when Miller is there? 

Untitled Poems by Raquel McCoy

Poem One

Seeing Miller can be a thriller

For a dog he is nothing like a hog.

Huge canines that could eat 4 grapevines.

Brown eyes that don't keep you down

And Officer Tracy as beautiful as a daisy-- 

His owner will never be a loner!

Poem Two

A big dog towering over anyone he comes across.

He shows his ginormous canine teeth as the drool drops

 down slowly...

As he is breathing heavily you see his “s” like rib cage contracting 

as he's catching a big breath, then his rib cage is contracting 

as if he's letting out his hot breath

His ginormous feet stomping as he takes a step you feel the ground shake 

as if there was an earthquake coming

 His body might be one thing 

His name is another. 




A Wonderful Poet

By Evan Hardy

Jaw jutting joyfully

Eyes searching for food

Nose rooting through bags

Ears flop and sag

Fur is yellow velvet

Tail spins as a rotor

A walk and sneeze

A scratch and sniff

A stretch and flop

A pet and itch

And finally

A nap.