Cast Updated!

We have run two additional auditions to recast and reorganize our Matilda cast!  We are ready to begin with some members from two years ago and new members joining us- and everyone two years older!!!  This production goes up November 4-7 at the Historic Franklin Opera House!!


Matilda: Zoe Nagle

Lavender: Ellie Zink

Alice: Elizabeth Femenella

Hortensia: Olivia Sylvester

Nigel: Leah Cote

Eric: Briahna LaFlamme

Bruce: Noah Roper

Tommy: Arden Greenrod

Amanda: Kadance Laro

Little Kids: Kaia Roper, Jessy Wood

Michael: James Wood

Ms. Trunchbull: Mr. David Bedard

Mr. Wormwood: RJ Soboslai

Mrs. Wormwood: Olivia Mills

Miss Honey: Laryssa Humphrey

Doctor: Kayley Sargent

Rudolpho: Chandler Glover

Mrs. Phelps: Angelia LaBrecque

Nurses: Aurea LaFlamme, Madison Hoffman, Riley Nickerson

Sergei: Nick Gammel

Russian Mob: Hunter LaFlamme, Kayley Sargent, Aiden Proulx, Patrick McBey

Judges: Angel Evans, Gabrielle Bourgeois

Salsa Dancers: Madison Hoffman

Big Kids:  Kayley Sargent, Brooklyn Valotts, Hunter LaFlamme, Aurea LaFlamme, Rachel Gauthier, Madison Hoffman, Destiny Emery, Victoria Valyou, Angel Evans, Riley Nickerson, Alea Goodwin

School Kids:    Sage Slocum    Cadie Welch

  Savaughna Slocum      Brandon Tyrell

Seannan Martin      Payton Cloutier

Jenny Wood        Analise Lawrence