Sweeney Todd- Behind the Scenes Mini Series # 2- Artistic Design and Painting

Day # 2 in our Mini Series- Behind the Scenes of Sweeney Todd!!  As our talented cast and crew members get closer to opening night (MAY 20)- we take you behind the scenes to get a much closer look of everything that goes into a theatrical production.  This is never a simple task!!  There are so many levels and elements, so many people working together as one team to share creative ideas and make one story come to life in front of a live audience.  The part that no one ever sees is all the work that happens before the show is ever presented.  There are hours (usually over 150) of rehearsal, memorization, blocking, choreography, music and character development.  However, the other part of the process is all of the technical elements that must also be developed, created, researched and constructed.  Yesterday, we shared the process of set design and construction- today we share about the Artistic Design of painting.  Once a set is fully and safely constructed, the creative team of painters and artists comes in to take over the full creation and the visual detail of a set.  This set takes place inside a run down old building in London, England in the early 1800's.  There was research done on wall materials, what they were made of and what they would have looked like.  Our team decided to go with a plaster look that was moss ridden and cracked to really enhance the dilapidation and destruction that is symbolized in the whole story of the show.  A base coat was applied on everything and then the detail work began.   Attached are some visuals to show the process: 

The final product is a huge part of the visual impact of the show and used to further develop the story, the mood and is also matched with the visual concept of the costumes and lighting, so it's all entwined together to create the magic that the audience is able to sit back, relax and enjoy in just a couple weeks!!  Huge thanks to all of our set and painting crew members!!!!!  Get your tickets for Sweeney Todd now!!!  Limited seating due to covid.  Go to www.franklinoperahouse.org and get your seats today!