How to Help Your Child Become a Critical Thinker

How to Help Your Child Become a Critical Thinker

Wednesday, April 21

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Do you ever feel at a loss on how to help your child unpack difficult concepts, solve complex problems, plan presentations, or research papers? This webinar is for you. We will introduce you to thinking routines, concept maps, templates, and organizing strategies that you can leverage with your child in those critical moments when he/she is struggling to make sense of complex learning.

Presenter: Jaclyn Karabinas has a Master’s in Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction and specializes in helping teachers create strong classroom communities so students can thrive.

FacilitatorKaren Matso, Director of Professional Development, Demonstrated Success education consultants

Sponsored by the Office of School Wellness, funded by NH DOE Promising Futures Grant

Can't attend at the scheduled time?  Click here for access to the library of recorded webinars to view at your convenience.  Again, PARENTSROCK2021