Exemplar Student Work at FHS!!

This marvelous character mask was created by FHS freshman, Leah Cote! Within the English Department of FHS, the students in Mrs. Chou's classroom recently completed a character ball addressing all of the core competencies of English One. The set-up of the ball mirrored the features of the Capulet's Ball depicted in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. At the ball, the students took on the persona of a character in their independent reading book in order to "literary dance." They created symbolic masks and MLA cited invitations, referencing their character's direct and indirect characterization. Then, as their selected character, they verbally explained key scenes, events, and quotes to other characters on the dance floor, while interacting with their Capulet host played by Mrs. Chou. This dramatic summative task helped them better understand their characters, make text-to-text connections, and bring literature to life!