Dear Franklin Families,

I am reaching out to you today to share some decisions the School Board made at their meeting last night regarding reopening for increased in-person learning this spring.  The parent survey results from our reopening survey are also shared for your review.

The Board has set a tentative date of Tuesday, May 4 to allow students to return to school for 4 days of in-person learning per week for families who choose this option. The fully remote option will still be available until the end of the school year for families who choose that option.  We will be reaching out to all of our families next week to see which option you select for your student(s) so we can plan accordingly.

In order to open 4 days a week and accommodate all students, the following parameters will be in place:

           -Social distancing in classrooms will be reduced from 6ft. to 3ft.
           -Masks will be mandatory in classrooms at all times, with scheduled mask breaks for students
           - 6 ft. distancing will remain in effect during meal times using all available school space including outdoor spaces when weather cooperates
           -Buses will exceed the 26 student capacity that we currently seek to maintain

Mondays will still be fully remote for all students which will allow us to continue the deep cleaning of our buildings.  Students will continue to be dismissed 1 hour early each day, as they have been all year, which will allow our teachers the necessary time to educate our in-person and fully remote students concurrently.

I will continue to monitor the situation regarding the pandemic, as I have been during the current model, as the 4 day a week reopening date approaches.  The School Board has set their next meeting date for Thursday, April 15th to finalize the plans for the May 4th reopening.

I continue to appreciate all of the support, cooperation and patience all of our families have shown as we have navigated through the pandemic together this past calendar year.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


Dan LeGallo
SAU 18 Superintendent
(603) 266-9833