Keeping Theater Alive During Covid!!

The theater students in Franklin have been continuing to work hard all year, despite the numerous restrictions they face.  Wearing masks all during rehearsals and performance, hand sanitizing stations, air purifiers running non-stop, social distancing on stage and limited seating for audiences has not stopped the FHS Players.  In the fall, they produced a comedy with New Jersey accents with Midsummer Jersey!  In the winter, they used their talents in writing and wrote their own pieces as well as performed with a series of One Acts and scenes in preparation for this  year's virtual NHETG Festival.  Now, they have just cast a School Edition musical production of SWEENEY TODD that will be shared with the public May 20-22!  This is an amazing group of students with so much talent- who normally perform year round from summer through spring!  They were forced to take last March 2020- Sept. 2020 off which was very hard for most of them.  This has been a different year, but they have certainly learned how to adapt and rise above obstacles- a huge lesson for us all!  

Sweeney Todd: RJ Soboslai
Anthony Hope: Riley Roper
Beggar Woman: Megan Sorette
Mrs. Lovett: Madison Clark
Judge Turpin: Kaleb Platanitis
The Beadle: Aurea LaFlamme
Johanna: Olivia Mills
Tobias Ragg: Sapphira Carrier
Pirelli/ Company: Thomas Fifield
Lucy Barker/ Company: Laryssa Humphrey
Bird Seller/ Company: Briahna LaFlamme
Jonas Fogg/ Company: James Wood
Company: Kayley Sargent, Angel Evans, Andy Emery,
Jessy Wood, Angelia LaBrecque,
Kaia Roper, Brooklyn Valotta,
Olivia Sylvester, Zoe Nagle, Leah Cote,
Kadance Laro, Natalie Hoover,
Nick Gammel

Asst. Stage Manager: Scarlett Martin
Lighting: Zoe Sylvester
Sound: Jillian Swett, Julia Swett
Props: Gabrielle Bourgeois, Savaughna Slocum
Costumes/ Quick Change: Lily Tusi
Spotlight Runners: Andrew Gagnon, Destiny Emery