Karma Korner door

Karma Korner is a student driven room within the high school.  In Karma Korner, students have free of cost, anonymous access to shoes, undergarments, clothing, coats, toiletries, personal care items, school supplies, blankets, towels, linens, hats, scarves, mittens, laundry soap, and a food pantry.  Any student can go to ANY adult in the building at any time to access the space. No questions asked.

At this time Karma Korner is graciously accepting donations of :  gym attire, socks (in great demand), underwear (new only please), school supplies, personal care items, blankets, towels, and non-perishable food items.  Monetary and gift card donations can also be made.  You can drop off donations at the main office of the high school.  Checks can be made out to FHS-Karma Korner.

The robotics team got this space up and running as a part of their mission.   First Robotics encourages community outreach as a part of their program.  

 Our kids decided that they "didn't have the means to go overseas and start libraries in Africa or start teams in Asia but, that they certainly had the means to help other kids right here at home"-Liz Guillotte.

 The team asked for a space and were given room 312. They painted the space and went out into the community to create partnerships to sponsor and donate to Karma Korner. The Interfaith Food Pantry partnered to give a sustainability grant to provide food, Franklin Savings Bank and Sears partnered to provide Washers and Dryers for student use.  Several thrift shops assist in gap filling.  SAU 18, Watts, The Elks, Hannafords, Walmart, Benson's, as well as many other community members and businesses provide ongoing assistance. It really does take a village!

 As Pierre Guillotte said at the last robotics meet,  “when you think your contribution is small, remember the butterfly effect. The littlest thing that you do to help ripples out to better the world."