Dear Franklin Families,

We have received information from the Department of Education that our free and reduced meal student counts are down 41% from last year's numbers.  This means that we are faced with a reduction in state aid for next year totalling approximately $475,000 and a reduction in federal aide totalling more than $300,000 dollars.  These reductions would be catastrophic to our school district.

I know that meals are free for all students this year but it is essential that everyone still fill out a free/reduced lunch application and return it to the school so we can accurately report our numbers and receive the funding we deserve for our kids.  

Attached is the application.  Please fill it out and return it to your child's school as soon as possible.  With your help we can prevent these serious reductions in funding.


Dan LeGallo
SAU 18 Superintendent
(603) 266-9833