School Climate Survey

As part of our grant funded programs, we have been tracking school climate for the past several years.  This information helps us to improve feelings of safety, security, and wellbeing among all community members, creating an environment where learning can occur.

The survey is administered to family members and staff every spring.  Note that the survey results only represent the opinions of those who responded (approximately 10% of family members and 30% of staff responded to the most recent survey).  Our goal is to increase response rates for the Spring 2020 survey.

Survey results are organized by STAFF and FAMILY responses, and by school.  Note that Franklin High School's response rate from Family was too low to be valid.

There is also a districtwide summary.

Finally, see the SCHOOL CLIMATE SURVEY RESULTS SPRING 2019 for an overview.

Contact Coordinator of School Wellness with any questions. or 934-3108