Franklin Adult High School

Designed to allow students to earn the credits required to attain an adult high school diploma, the Franklin Adult High School program:

  • Awards an Franklin Adult High School diploma upon completion of the program

  • Tuition costs, currently are $125 per class.

  • Requires 20 credits which include both required and elective courses

  • Requires 45 hours of class time per credit

  • Allows students age 16 and older who are enrolled in a traditional high school to take classes with permission from their school administration

  • Offers classes from 3PM-8PM or online.

  • Has homework expectations

  • Allows options to earn elective credits such as:

  • approved apprenticeship programs

  • observation/practicum experiences in business/industry

  • documented work experience(s)

  • demonstrated competency in budgeting, child care, meal prep

  • approved supervised community service

Prior to registering for this program, participants are required to meet with the Program Director to complete a credit review and develop an educational plan. For this initial meeting, official copies of transcripts for all prior high schools are required.

For more information contact the Franklin Adult Education office.

Patricia Prescott, Adult Education Coordinator
(603) 934-3108, x3451