Special Education

SAU #18 serves the Franklin School District. As mandated under the Individuals with Education Disability Act, public schools must provide special education for all children between 3 and 21, who are determined to be educationally disabled.

Our district guarantees that, to the maximum extent appropriate, a student with disabilities is educated with students who do not have disabilities ensuring that all students have a right to a free and appropriate public education. We understand that each student is an individual with individual needs and offer a wide variety of programs to support the students with special needs within the district

Referral for special education may be made by teachers, parents, or other persons directly related to a student's educational welfare. Referral forms are available at all of the schools and are to be forwarded to the Special Education Office.

Meet our Staff

The Special Education Director for SAU 18 is Rebecca Butt and she may be reached at (603) 934-3108 or you may email her at


Special Education Administrative Assistant : Michelle Carr

603-934-3018 ext 4412 mcarr@gm.sau18.org

Special Education Teachers/Case Managers

Rebecca Keane  (504 Case Manager - Guidance)



  • Daniel Rupp - Occupational Therapist

  • Amy Aubertine - Speech Language Pathologist

  • Taylar Clark - COTA


Special Education Services at Paul Smith School are provided by special education teachers/ case managers who work with regular classroom teachers to insure that students' educational needs are being addressed through accommodations/ modifications to the curriculum. Additional services may be provided in small group settings which are facilitated in a variety of settings which support the needs of each student. As indicated in a student's learning plan (IEP) students may receive related services such as speech and occupational therapy. These services are provided either in or out of the regular classroom depending on the needs of the student.

504 Plans

Some students require accommodations due to physical or mental impairments that impact a students ability to care for themselves, performing manual tasks such as: walking, seeing, hearing, speaking which impact their ability to learn. A 504 Plan is an individualized plan which will provide accommodations for the duration of a year or until the plan is not longer necessary. A team process is used to identify the accommodations necessary to support each student in accessing the curriculum.