Academy Awards

On Saturday, May 27, over 100 people gathered to celebrate Franklin Footlight Theater and the FHS Players last year of performances.  The Franklin Academy Awards Night began in 1995 to celebrate the FHS Players after their first year of success and has now grown to a red carpet, gala event held at the Opera House with special performances, lots of awards and recognitions, presenters, bright lights and a live band at the end!  This year's theme was Hollywood and the actors and actresses came out decked in all their formal attire!  The night began at 7 pm with a celebration of Board members and officers and directors sharing their Director's Choice awards for each show.  Stage Managers shared their awards, and other special recognitions were announced before the Academy Awards portion of the night began!  

Next year's FHS Players officers were announced which include Olivia Sylvester as president, Zoe Nagle as Vice President, Libby Femenella is secretary, Leah Cote is historian and  Kaia Roper will be the Footlight Rep.  Various students received Director's Choice awards including Kadance Laro,  Alana Alers-Alers, Mackenna Trudel, Nick Gammel, Leah Cote and Lillian Corrow.   Jacinda Tyrrell, Kayli-Ann Foskey and Leah Cote all won Jason A. Stoddard awards voted on by their castmates,  and Leah Cote won the Michael David Stoddard award voted on by Footlight.

Academy Awards included Jacinda Tyrrell winning Best Bit Part, Oliver Foskey winning Commitment of Excellence for Grade 9, Grade 10 went to Zoe Nagle and grade 11 went to Kayli-Ann Foskey.  Alana Alers-Alers won the FMS Commitment of Excellence and  Angelia LaBrecque won the Thespian of the Year.  Angelia LaBrecque won the Best Technical Achievement award and Kayli-Ann Foskey won Best Techie.  Zoe Nagle won Best Solo, Noah Alers-Alers won Best Characterization and Lily Buker won Best Breakthrough Performance.  Arden Greenrod won Best FMS Performance in a FHS Production, Leah Cote won Best Supporting Actress and Nick Gammel won Best Supporting Actor.  Olivia Sylvester and Noah Alers-Alers won Best Actress and Best Actor awards.  Performers included Leah Cote, Libby Femenella, Noah Alers-Alers, Lillian Corrow and Zoe Nagle as well as some Footlight performers.  

The entire night ended with a dance with a live band!  Great success to all!