Advanced Study

General Description

Advanced Study is an experience for students who complete a course or series of courses and would like to continue to advance their learning in that subject area when there isn't a scheduled course available. For example, a student who would like to continue beyond Advanced Painting or a class that is not offered such as European History. Please be sure to save all forms electronically in your Google Drive and print out hard copies for your Guidance Counselor and your portfolio.

Getting Started

  1. Fill out the ELO Request Form and turn it in at the Guidance Office.

  2. This experience will require that you have a Lead Teacher and/or a Community Partner. The Lead Teacher is who you will meet with regularly to ensure you are meeting goals your expectations and who will provide guidance and expertise in the subject area of your choosing.

  3. Discuss your learning goals and project with your teacher and fill out the ELO Planning Form for Advanced Study and have it signed and returned to your Guidance Counselor.

  4. If your project requires a Community Partner this person will supervise and guide the student with off-site experiences related to the learning goals. If necessary, fill out the Community Partner Agreement Form and get it signed by a Parent/Guardian.

  5. If you will be using an off campus site for your ELO you will need the Off Campus Permission Form.

Begin your Advanced Study ELO

  1. Now you will begin engaging in the activities outlined in your plan. Be sure to print out all forms and adhere to all due dates and meetings with your lead teacher.

  2. Be sure to document your research using the Research Guide and Research Rubric as guides.

  3. Develop a product using the Product Guide and Product Rubric as guides.

  4. Develop and practice a presentation, using the Presentation Guide and Presentation Rubric as a guides.

Assessment and Grading

  1. When the ELO is complete deliver the entire package to the lead teacher and schedule a time for a panel review.

  2. The rubrics listed above will be used to evaluate the research, product, and presentation in relation to your plan.

  3. The review panel will document the Final Assessment and report the grade and credit to the Guidance Office.

  4. Follow up with the Registrar to request a transcript to ensure the issuing of credit.