The courses of study at Franklin High School are so arranged that they will be sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of students. Our curriculum is organized on a subject and program basis. In addition to the State requirements, the New Hampshire Scholars Program requires certain subjects for its specific program. Given the state requirements, students must carefully review this program of studies to ensure that they meet all new requirements as they are listed in various parts of this guide. We wish to emphasize that while reference is made in several places to the necessity of meeting minimum requirements for graduation, it should be understood that it is highly recommended that all students enroll in as many courses as possible to enable them to receive the maximum amount of learning in as many different disciplines as possible while in attendance at Franklin High School.  

In order to use this student guide most profitably, it is suggested you initially study the entire booklet by considering the different programs offered, the possible career areas these programs may lead to and the further training your goals may require. Next, talk to your parents, teachers and your school counselor, and to any other individuals you feel may have meaningful information concerning the decisions you will have to make. 

You should consider that the decisions and course selections you will be making are very important and will go a long way in shaping your future plans and life-style. These selections should not be made in a haphazard manner without considerable thought. If you feel that you need additional assistance, request a conference with your school counselor. 

Franklin High School does not deny access to any of its courses to otherwise qualified individuals regardless of his/her handicap. Furthermore, Franklin High School does not exclude from participation in or deny benefits of any program or activity receiving federal assistance. The appeals officer for the program or activity receiving federal assistance would be the Franklin High School Principal.