Wizard of Oz!

If you missed the Wizard of Oz this past weekend, you missed a top class performance by the students in Franklin's K-12 district!!  From Munchkins, to Dorothy, to Toto herself, the stage was alive with talent, energy and incredible kids!!!  This group of 70 plus students worked with a dozen faculty/ community volunteers since mid-February rehearsing, creating sets, learning choreography and studying!!  Each student created their character into a believable, joyful being that shared the classic story and music with hundreds of people over their six performance run!  Not only were they performing, but many of the students designed and implemented the art work that dressed the stage, and computer students at the high school helped with projection animations.  With hundreds of hours of rehearsal time on nights and weekends, the dedication of these students and their families, was apparent every performance!  

If you were able to enjoy their production, we hope you loved every moment of experiencing the talent that exists in Franklin.  Many of these students have already moved on to rehearsing for a summer community theater production of Beauty and the Beast with over 50 performers from all over Central NH and they will also be producing Finding Nemo in early August.  Here's hoping the upgrades and repairs to the Opera House allow them all to find their way back to that stage soon!!!