Franklin Middle School

Academy Instructional Model

Introduced Fall 2019

Academy Model Guiding Principles:

  • Multi-Age Competency-Based Classrooms

  • Looping, Students Have Teachers for Multiple Years

  • Individualized Learning, Students Take Ownership

  • Learning Progressions

Building Configuration:

  • 2 “Academies” of 9 Teachers each (increased to 10 in 2021-2022), with embedded special education teacher/case managers and school counselors.

  • Students stay in the same Academy all 5 years.

  • Teachers divide responsibilities among all 5 Grades, divided into 2 sections, 5 Classroom Teachers and one Title 1 in grades 4-6 (Middle School) and 4 Classroom teachers in Grades 7-8 (Prep School).

  • Middle School Grades 4-6 (each teacher responsible for at least 2 Grades)


  • Teachers can be responsible for 1 or more academic subjects depending on skills and needs.

  • Multi-age classrooms throughout

  • Prep School Grades 7-8

    • 4 Teachers responsible for 7-8

  • Middle School Grades 4-6

    • Each teacher responsible for at least 2 Grades

    • Middle School Certified or Certifiable Teachers


      • Math

      • English Language Arts

      • Science

      • Social Studies

  • Classes are Multi-Age or Grade Specific

    depending on skills, needs, and curriculum.

  • Middle school lunch by section, prep-school by grade level

  • Allied Arts and WINN (What I Need Now) - Intervention Blocks by Section

  • Morning Meeting MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports), Universal Team Time, and Daily STEAM

  • Integrated Arts Include

    • Classroom Teachers

    • Allied Arts Teachers (Except Music during

      STEAM, who has Band and Chorus at Recess)

  • Title 1 Teachers

  • Special Education Teachers