A letter to our theater families

A note to our theater families:

Hello to all my performers and their families!! I miss you all and am so sorry that our wonderful time together was interrupted this past spring. Obviously, our hope of moving our show to June was also blocked- and then our follow up plan of September (which would mean we would have restarted already) is also not able to happen. I'm not sure what the fall will bring yet- I'm waiting to hear the decision on fall sports on August 17 before deciding exactly what we can do for theater activities, but I am working on a variety of ideas including virtual experiences. Not my favorite idea for doing theater- but it will be better than nothing!

As for Matilda- our show has been rescheduled for spring of 2021. I know there will be some roles that need to be redone, some will stay the same. Some new people may want to join us and some may not be able to. We'll figure all that out- but it is rescheduled to occur in May of 2021. In the meantime, if you know you will continue to be a part of it, keep working on your music and choreography- if we are ahead of the game this spring all the better in case we have a more limited rehearsal time!!

The company that owns our show (MTI in NYC) has asked us to mail back all the scripts and music books for now. They will resend them to us in the early spring during our new contracted time. There is no rush, but I will be starting to collect those once school resumes. If you are coming back to school, you can bring your script in and leave it in your main office. You can also drop them off at the SAU office at any time. I cannot promise you will get the same script back, so you may want to copy down anything you need from there before returning it. I will keep everyone posted on what's happening this fall and right into the spring. Stay safe and please be well. We miss having you all at the Opera House!!!!!!! If you already purchased tickets for Matilda, they will be transferred for you to 2021- or you can contact the Opera House for a refund if needed.

Mrs. Finley